William (Bill) Lawhorn

As an accomplished corrections executive, I have more than 30 years of successful, practical experience working within both county jails and state prisons. My years of experience provided me with strong technical and operational knowledge of detention system standards, the inner workings of criminal justice systems and their interconnectivity between other justice providers, and industry best practices. I have a diverse background as both a certified corrections officer and law enforcement officer, working within both disciplines. During my career, I’ve excelled in operational planning, managing large staff resources, responsible for multi-million dollar budgets, worked with teams at all levels in developing facility programs and industries, implemented strategies to alleviate jail populations, and lead transitional teams overseeing the design and implementation of new/renovated facilities. I have extensive experience with operational management and establishing systems that work in today’s correctional environment. Since 2015, I have been providing professional technical assistance to jails throughout the US in managing jail operations, providing analytical studies to assist decision-makers faced with tough decisions, and providing professional development to staff at all levels. I am a proven leader with a wealth of experience and knowledge that I’ve used to assist criminal justice agencies find efficiencies and develop better systems for those they serve.