2023 SRLEEA Annual Conference & Training Event

Hosted by Sheriff Vanessa Crawford & The Petersburg Office of the Sheriff

July 31, – August 2, 2023

City of Petersburg, Virginia

An America Small-Town Gem!

Registration Opens March 2023

Schedule, lodging and other conference information will be posted here.

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    Petersburg has a firm place in our nation’s history books. From the founding of the Citie of Henricus in 1611 in Chesterfield County to Revolutionary and Civil War battles fought in Petersburg, the area was destined to become a place of importance in Virginia and American history. Situated along the James River and at the confluence of the James and Appomattox rivers, the Petersburg Area played a significant role in our nation’s early days and continues to be a region of great historic, commercial and economic importance.

    So Much to Do in Petersburg

    "The Civil War remains a defining period in American history because America does not have an uncomplicated past. In our present day, we continue to find ourselves polarized over nationalism, race, and freedom. Petersburg’s historic sites and battlefields helps us understand the potential fragility of our republic."
     - Emmanuel Dabney, Historian