Sheriff Heidi Visocan

Sheriff Visocan (pronounced Vis-kin and formerly known as Sheriff Williamson) was first appointed as Sheridan County Sheriff in 2015. She was elected in 2016 and again in 2018. Prior to being Sheriff, Sheriff Visocan was a deputy with Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office for just over three years. Sheriff Visocan grew up in Iowa and attended South Dakota State University earning a B.S. in Biological Sciences. She worked for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources as a Water Patrol Officer during college and later worked for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Missouri and South Dakota as a Biological Science Technician. Sheriff Visocan strongly believes in community policing, involvement, and partnerships. She runs a small office with seven sworn officers to cover 1,700 square miles in the extreme northeast corner of Montana. She works hard to provide her staff with current technology and training to provide quality policing in a rural area. Sheriff Visocan is involved with Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (MSPOA) and has served on the board in various capacities. She was awarded MSPOA Officer of the Year at the 2013 MSPOA Conference. Sheriff Visocan is a graduate of the 110th National Sheriff’s Institute. She has served on various boards and committees locally and statewide. She has worked as a volunteer EMT since 2012 and has been coaching high school track and field since 2013. Sheriff Visocan enjoys hunting, fishing, working out, and spending time with her husband, Eric, and son, Tosten.