2021 Summer Issue

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2021 Fall Issue

Coming October 2021
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SRLEEA Magazine Article Submission Guidelines

  • Article submissions must be MS Word documents. If you do not have MS Word, copy and paste the article into an email or type the article directly into the email.
  • Do not submit PDF files unless they are to be printed EXACTLY as submitted, including graphics, spacing, margins, etc.
  • Include the name of the author at the beginning of the article beneath the title.
  • Include a short author bio at the end of the article.
  • Use left justification only, single spaced with double space between paragraphs, no indentations. Use only single spaces between sentences.
  • Save documents using the author’s first initial and last name plus the first two or three words in the title. (Example: If the article is by John Smith and it is titled Rural Law Enforcement, you could name the file JSmithRuralLawEnforcement or JSmith Rural. It doesn’t matter if there are spaces between words in the file name as long as you are consistent in naming photos or graphics to go with the story.
  • Do not include/embed special formatting, graphics, or photos in the Word document as they do not translate well to graphic design programs when they are in the same file. Graphics or photos should be submitted separately.
  • If you are also sending photos, include photo credits (who took the photo) and identification information at the end of the article (photo description, who is in the photo, their agency, what they are doing).
  • Please proofread your work for clarity and typos before submitting.

Photo Submission Guidelines

  • Photo submissions must be .jpg or .tiff files with resolution of at least 300. Other graphics (tables, charts, graphs) should be submitted the same way. Sometimes PDFs can work, but the resolution must be high.
  • Please don’t copy photos from the Internet. Photo quality will be poor.
  • If you are using photos taken with a phone, send directly from the phone via email to you computer and attach to an email along with information that identifies what article the photo(s) go with. Do not resize to a smaller file or send from phone to phone, as resolution will be lost and we may not be able to use the photo.
  • When submitting photos/graphics with an article: Name the photos according to the author of the article (example: photos for an article written by John Smith should be named: JSmith PIC 1 (or PIC 2, PIC 3, etc.). If more than one article is being submitted by the same author, please add a number after the author’s name (Example: JSmith1 PIC 1). This will help us get the correct photos/graphics with your article.