Lt. ret. Frank Borelli, CAS, MM

Lt. Frank Borelli started his law enforcement career when he enlisted in the Army in 1982 and completed the Military Police Academy. After his term of service in the Army, he entered the civilian law enforcement community, graduating third overall in his class in 1986. He has served honorably with municipal police agencies in Maryland since that time and remains sworn today (now as a reserve officer in charge of training) with a 23-man agency just a few miles from Washington DC. Lt. Borelli was certified as the youngest law enforcement instructor in Maryland in 1989 at the age of 24. As an instructor in numerous topics, he’s traveled the country presenting and teaching to a variety of tactical, associative and military groups. Lt. Borelli has taught officers from campus, municipal, county, state and federal agencies as well as the Department of Defense. In 1999 he began a second career as an author and since that time has had 20 books published in addition to thousands of articles. Currently he serves as the Editorial Director for the Officer Media Group which includes OFFICER Magazine and the website He continues to train, travel and write in the service of the law enforcement community.